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Our Funds
The One Health for People, Pets, and Partners Fund is the charity's general fund to use your financial gift where needed. 
This Fund was named in honour of  Major-General Lew MacKenzie to support initiatives that will benefit our troops, veterans, first responders, and their families. 
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About Lewis MacKenzie, CM, O Ont., MSC and Bar, CD Major General (Ret'd.) 
Lewis MacKenzie was born in Truro, N.S. During his thirty-six-year military career, he served nine years in Germany with NATO forces and nine peacekeeping tours of duty in the Gaza Strip, Cyprus, Cairo, Vietnam, Central America and Sarajevo. In 1990 Lewis was appointed commander of the United Nation’s Observer mission in Central America. Two years later, he was assigned to the Yugoslavia United Nations Protection Force. In May of that year, he created and assumed command of Sector Sarajevo and, with a small contingent of soldiers from 31 countries, opened the Sarajevo airport to deliver humanitarian aid during the Bosnian civil war. As a result, he became the first Canadian, military or civilian to be awarded a second Meritorious Service Cross.

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