Animal-Assisted Human Services {AAHS}

Animal-Assisted Human Services (AAHS)

AAHS, commonly referred to as Animal-Assisted Services, encompasses a variety of multi- and interdisciplinary practices such as breeding, training and placement of Assistant/Service Animals and Animal-Assisted Interventions (AAI).

AAHS is delivered by an Animal-Assisted Human Service Provider (AAHSP) and Animal-Assisted Services Professional {AASP}. AAHS is a subcategory within Canada’s human services industry. This evolving industry is a significant driver within an all-encompassing socio-economic sector and growing marketplace.  

Human Services Assistance Animal (HSAA)

A domesticated, healthy, suitable, appropriately socialized, often trained, and evaluated animal and positively motivated partner in the delivery of AAHS. Read more...

Boy with a parrot on his back and  Chihuahua beside him looking at the bird.
Young lady and horse hugging.

 We are pleased to announce and introduce Canada's First Voluntary National Standard of Canada (NSC)
​for Animal-Assisted Human Services {AAHS} 

*Voluntary in this context means that participating stakeholders voluntarily came together to develop the NSC* Read more...

Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI)

The Human-Animal Bond and Human-Animal Interactions are a bridge between, but not limited to, the Natural Sciences, Humanities, Veterinary Medicine, and Applied Sciences.

Domesticated mammals such as:
alpacas, cats, dogs, donkeys, ferrets, goats, guinea pigs, horses, llamas, pigs, rats, rabbits and sheep. 

Domesticated birds such as:
canaries and chickens. 

Domesticated fish such as:
goldfish and guppies.  

This list was inspired by ISAAT's species list while reflecting most of the animals involved in Canadian AAHS.

AAI Category

AAI are goal-oriented services that incorporate specially trained and evaluated animals that work in conjunction with multi- and interdisciplinary teams or Animal Assisted Services Professionals {AASP} within an Animal-Assisted Human Service Provider {AAHSP} to carry out Animal-Assisted Activities {AAA}, Animal-Assisted Learning {AAL}, and Animal-Assisted Therapy {AAT}.

  • Animal-Assisted Activities {AAA} Recreational Activities
  • Animal-Assisted Learning {AAL} Skill Building
  • Animal-Assisted Therapy {AAT} Treatment

Assistance/Service Animal Category

A dog or possibly another animal individually trained to assist, work with, and benefit a person with a visible or invisible disability or life-altering injuries such as physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability, injury, or disorder. Read more...